Rightway Cost Plus program is a cash-based pharmacy program offered by Rightway Pharmacy licensed in Arizona. We offer affordable, FDA-approved medicines with transparent pricing & accessible services right at your doorstep.

We offer the following services.

-Easy transfer of all your prescriptions at one place

-Transparent & affordable cash prices by searching medications on the Rightway Cost Plus Program website.

-Rightway Cost Plus Program annual subscription plan, providing unlimited free medicines from a selected list. Learn more by clicking here.

-Free Pharmacy Consultations (Coming Soon)

-Access to your prescription order history (Coming Soon)

Yes! Anyone can avail the benefits of Rightway Cost plus Pharmacy program offerings.

Step 1: Find Your Medication  Discover your specific dosage and form, and set your auto-refill preferences for a seamless medication management experience.

Step 2: Choose Delivery Options  Select your preferred delivery option and frequency for automatic shipments, ensuring you never run out of medication.

Step 3: Submit Your Prescription  Send us your prescription or request a transfer from your current pharmacy, simplifying the process for you.

Yes, we understand your privacy and security are the utmost priority. Platform we use is HIPAA compliant and secure platform.

No, we don't accept insurance. Rightway Cost Plus Program is cash-based pharmacy program. Our mission is to provide affordable, transparent, and fair-priced medications so that there is no delay in their medicines due to high costs. We are continuing to offer you a lower price than your copay.

Currently, we accept all major credit and debit cards as payment options.

Please note that we do not currently support FSA and HSA payments, but we are working to offer this service soon.

Rightway Cost Plus offers transparent pricing. The dispensing fee is the labor cost of the pharmacy to handle your prescription. We charge a minimum price of $4 for each medicine you order.

The coupon code at Rightway Cost plus program is a promotional code that offers discounts on special occasions. Registered users may receive the coupon code via email or find it on the website. Apply the coupon code at the payment screen to receive the discount.

The partner code at Rightway Cost Plus program is a company code provided to partnered companies. If your company has partnered with us, you may receive the code from your company. When making a payment, you can use the partner code to avail any available discounts.

No, we require a valid prescription from US Providers.

There are four ways you can send the prescription to Rightway Pharmacy.

  1. 1. Provide your doctor with the Rightway Cost Plus Program below information to have them send over your prescription.
    Pharmacy Name: Rightway Cost Plus Program
    E-Scribe: 359136
    Phone: 623-266-0021
    Fax: 623-266-0068
  2. 2. Provide your prescriber's information, and a Rightway Cost Plus Program team member can request the prescriber to send your prescription
  3. 3. We can contact your pharmacy to get transferred your prescription at Rightway Cost Plus Program
  4. 4. Have your current pharmacy send your prescription via Fax to Rightway Cost Plus Program. Fax: 863-875-5619

Simply provide your doctor with the following information to have them send your prescription to Rightway Pharmacy:

Pharmacy Name: Rightway Pharmacy

E-Scribe: 0359136

Phone: 623-266-0021

Fax: 623-266-0068

You can select an auto-refill option while selecting medicine details or contact Rightway Cost Plus Program and one of our representatives will help you set you up auto-refill your prescription to receive a hassle-free delivery.

Contact Rightway Cost Plus Pharmacy Program, and one of our representatives will help you to opt out of the auto-refill program.

At Rightway Pharmacy, we are currently dispensing all medications except for controlled medications through our online platform.

No, there is no limit to ordering medicines as long as you have a valid prescription and an active refill on it. However, please note that we offer a maximum of a three-month supply at a time.

Rigthway Pharmacy is licensed in Arizona.

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns of medications. However, if you have any questions or concerns, our representative at Rightway Cost Plus Program is available to assist you from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PT. Simply call us at 623-266-0021.

Refrigerated medications are not included in Rightway Cost Plus Program subscription. Contact our pharmacy team for pricing and delivery options if you need medications requiring special storage and shipping conditions.

We recommend that you reach out to our pharmacy team directly and provide your details. Our team will review your request and respond regarding your eligibility for a replacement of medications.

Rightway Cost Plus Pharmacy Program subscription plan is an affordable, transparent, and convenient annual plan. It has a list of commonly prescribed medicines with lower cost than your copayment from your insurance and cheaper for uninsured people. You can get unlimited medicines listed in the subscription plan for $0.

Step 1- Search your medicines in subscription plan

Step 2- Choose and purchase annually or quarterly subscription plan

Step 3- Submit your eligible prescription

Step 4- Get you medications delivered to your doorstep.

To receive medications under the Rightway Cost Plus Program subscription plan, subscribers must have a valid US prescription. Refill quantities are limited to what the prescriber has authorized or the duration of the subscriber's plan. If refills are available for valid prescriptions, we dispense a maximum of three months' supply at once.

No worries, you can still find the medication from our global search bar available on the homepage of the Rightway Cost Plus Program website and get transparent pricing. In any case, if you can not find your medications from the daily discounts option, we advise you to please get in touch with the pharmacy team; they will give you the best affordable cash price.

When you purchase, you can choose between quarterly or yearly payment options. If you select the annual payment plan, the total cost for the year will be charged upfront. For quarterly payments, the first charge will be applied immediately after purchase. Please be aware that each plan term automatically renews, and the billing for plan renewals follows the payment terms selected during the initial purchase.

To cancel your Annual Savings Plan, please know that cancellation is prohibited beyond the renewal term. The renewal period begins 10 days before your subsequent payment date. If you wish to cancel your plan, please request within the renewal period to take effect for the next term. For assistance with plan cancellation, kindly contact our customer service. Please cancel within the renewal period to avoid automatic renewal for another yearly or quarterly payment, depending on the payment term selected during purchase.

No shipping costs are charged for medications listed under the subscription plan if you have an active subscription with us. However, an additional shipping charge will apply if you want to expedite the shipping.

We offer three shipping options for your convenience:

-USPS First Class: Estimated delivery time of 2-7 business days after prescription confirmation.

-USPS/UPS 2nd Day: Estimated delivery time of 2-5 business days after prescription confirmation.

-Next Day Service: Available for orders confirmed and placed before 2 pm EST Monday - Friday (not available in HI & AK).

Please note that if you are a subscribed user and the medication you order is covered under your subscription plan, there will be no additional charge for the medication. However, if you order a medication that is not covered under your subscription plan, a shipping fee will be applied.

Yes, we will keep you informed about your order status by sending text messages to the mobile number you provided.

You will get an e-receipt to your registered email.

We have 3 shipping options:

- USPS First Class(2-7 business days estimated arrival time after prescription confirmation)

- USPS 2nd Day(2-5 business days estimated arrival time after prescription confirmation)

- Next Day Service(if prescription is confirmed and ordered before 2pm EST Monday - Friday, not available in HI & AK)

You can contact the pharmacy for more details—pharmacy phone number: 623-266-0021. M-F 9.00 am to 5.00 pm PT

You can change in My Profile under Shipping address or you can contact our pharmacy to change your shipping address. This will help us avoid potential shipping errors and ensure your medication is delivered to the correct address.

Please click here Contact us for to contact support team.

To contact us, please visit our Contact us page and fill out the form. One of our pharmacy representatives will reach out to you during our business hours.

Yes, you can contact pharmacy for more details. Our pharmacy contact phone numbers are: 623-266-0021. M-F 9.00 am to 5.00 pm PT

Yes, you can contact the pharmacy for more details. Our pharmacy contact phone numbers are 623-266-0021. M-F 9.00 am to 5.00 pm PT

Our fax number is 623-266-0068.